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Water Samples


  • Assessment of the acid rock drainage and metal leaching (ARD/ML) potential of mine waste.

  • Evaluation of soil contamination and remediation.

  • Field reconnaissance, sampling and monitoring.

  • Execution and supervision of static and kinetic test programs.

  • Characterization of mine rocks, mineral concentrates and tailings.

  • Predictions of water quality and evaluations of the load balance of polluting species.

  • Pit lagoon water quality models and water quality management.

  • Reactive transport model (groundwater and surface water).

  • Waste management planning and evaluation of its effects.

  • Assessments of DAR/LM control measures.

  • Closing planning.

  • Waste management and evaluation of waste management measures.

  • Evaluation of mine closure requirements.

  • Workshops and short courses.

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