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Hydrogeological Modeling

  • Groundwater flow models at local and regional scale for administrative permits.

  • Drainage and depressurization at the mine scale.

  • Variably saturated flow models: tailings, dumps, leach pads.

  • Mine closure models and groundwater recovery.

  • Pore pressure models (wells, underground mines, tailings, heap leach).

  • Groundwater flow in complex hydrogeological environments with karstic and/or fractured rocks.

  • Contaminant transport models to assess risks and support remediation designs.

  • Groundwater development and water management at the basin scale.

  • Density-dependent flow and water intrusionsalty.

Integrated Hydrological Modeling
  • Integrated basin hydrology.

  • Integrated mine water management.

  • Groundwater – water interactionssuperficial.

  • Irrigation and drought management.

  • Evaluation and prediction of environmental flows.

  • Floodplain management.

  • Analysis of climate change.

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