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Surface Water Hydrology

Hydrological Characterization and Basin Management.

  • Meteorological data analysis.

  • Extreme precipitation analysis.

  • Rainfall-runoff modeling (pooled / UHM / distributed).

  • Evaluation of the water balance.

  • Evaluation of water users.

  • Integrated management of water resources (IWRM).

  • Information systems and management of water resources.

Rivers, Dams and Reservoirsses.

  • Forecasts of water inflows to the reservoir.

  • Sediment management in reservoirs.

Morphological model (2D / 1D).

  • Erosion and sediment model.

  • Acquisition and management of data in real time.

  • Flood management and forecasting.

  • Simulations of floods and dam breaks.

Water Quality and Environmental Impacts.

  • Assessment of water quality.

  • Impacts in the water.

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